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The home of the original body-friendly golf swing. The Peak Performance Golf Swing that is the culmination of 40 years of golf experience. Don Trahan, PGA Master Professional, has spent over half of his life perfecting the golf swing as an instructor and a competitive golfer. Traveling the world, Don Trahan has helped thousands of golfers enjoy the game of golf and end their frustrations. You can join the thousands of success stories. Open your mind to a new way of playing golf!

Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 25 October 2016
Physical limitations can plague anyone, but it is is not the end of your golf game. In the Peak Performance Golf Swing, we learn to work around the limitations you may have. Today we have a great story from a recent school where we had a student with a restriction with one of his arms that prohibited him from having full extension of one arm. The... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 10 October 2016
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Grip pressure is a topic we have covered numerous times on SwingSurgeon.com. We revisit it again today because it is still an issue we find at golf schools, despiteĀ our Daily videos on the subject. For some reason, the golf grip can get overlooked in the golf swing. Chaulk this up to learning the PPGS coming from a rotational swing or whatever it... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 12 September 2016
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Club manufacturers and most searching on the Internet will tell you that you need to replace clubs ever two or three years, especially the driver. Is this true? Most often not. Recently a customer wrote in to ask this question. In this video Doc provides a very detailed and informative response about when you should replace your clubs. Spoiler: it... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 7 September 2016
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A tip based on golf schools over the last year, proper turn in the backswing. The Peak Performance Golf Swing is a "limited turn" golf swing; that does not mean no turn at all! We have been finding students with not enough turn in their backswing and want to stress that the PPGS is a limited turn swing. You have to have a small amount of turn. The... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 29 August 2016
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Wide knees, outward pressure, and flared feet. Three key aspects of your stance in the Peak Performance Golf Swing. But how much pressure should you be applying in your legs? Today I have a tip that came to me during a recent lesson on how to visualise and gauge your stance pressure. A rubber band as a great visual tool to understand how much... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 23 August 2016
Comments: 8
Master one of the most critical movements in the Peak Performance Golf Swing - The Bump. The bump is a small lateral shift in the hips that is a part of the chain reaction of events that leads to square and solid ball striking. But this small movement is often a difficulty for students. Some students don't perform the bump at all, while others... Read More